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“Lily & Leo” is an interactive reading adventure in which you dive into the colorful adventurous world of the two best friends Lily and Leo. There is reading, puzzling and learning – in a natural way, quite incidentally.

The focus is on the playful teaching of learning content, morals and values, packed into exciting experiences. There are already enough workbooks in school – here it’s active and fun!

We created this app to motivate reading while having fun. In addition, the children learn very basic things: How do I set up a tripod? How do I follow directions? Which prints belong to which animal?

Game-Based Learning

The Philosophy Behind Lily & Leo

Play is the most natural form of learning. We see this not only in children, but also in young animals. The world is discovered and learned through play. This wonderfully natural mechanism ensures that learning does not always have to be strenuous. Curiosity, the urge to discover and the willingness to help are intrinsic motivating factors. Such internal motivation has a much more lasting effect than external (extrinsic) motivation. If the player then becomes completely absorbed in his activity and forgets the time, he is in the so-called flow state. He is on fire for what he is doing. It is in this state that learning comes easiest. Lily & Leo tries to motivate people to learn in this way. Knowledge is fun!

Skills Training

Lesen 95%
Verstehen 85%
Logisches Denken 85%
Korrektes Schlussfolgern 77%
The Adventures of Lily & Leo

Special Features

What makes the app

A kid's game

Designed for children of elementary school age

An app for children

Lily & Leo is aimed at children and is adapted to their special needs. The graphics, puzzles and reading text have been lovingly selected by experts.

Practice reading

A reading adventure for young and old

Reading adventure

Reading can be so beautiful! Sometimes it just needs the right push. Lily & Leo was written as a dialogue and offers plenty of variety through its puzzles.


With audio book function for the car ride

A break for the eyes

Lily & Leo is not only for the eyes, but also for the ears. So you can put the tablet aside and listen to the speakers.

No hidden costs

One version for everything

Full version

Lily & Leo can be tested for free. To experience the full story, the full version must be purchased. There are no other purchases.

Parents area

Safety starts with the parents

Special parents section

In order to answer all your open questions, we have built in a parent area, which we are constantly expanding. Settings are only accessible via a special query.

No advertising

No banner ads, no links, no clickbait

Advertising? Without us.

We care about the safety of children. That’s why our app is 100% ad-free. There are no banners, no ads and no links.

Unique Reading Adventure

Learning Content

Lily & Leo is an educational game developed with experts in pedagogy and teaching. Nevertheless, the curriculum itself is not the focus. This is where the school does the best work. We see the app as a supplement. In the puzzles, basic key skills, such as logical thinking, consequential reasoning and also behavior in social interactions, are dealt with and trained. The main part is the story, with which we want to promote reading.



The Adventures of Lily & Leo

The Characters


Lily (Lilith)

Lily is a smart but rather fierce child. She loves climbing, is agile and can run really fast. Lily comes from an alternative “Waldorf family”, has quite a lot of freedom for her age and grows up need-oriented and somewhat “uneducated”.

She only listens to adults sometimes and often questions what they want from her. She respects and admires above all brave, wild and unconventional people and loves animals. Lily has already tried out a lot, does not shy away from much and is basically rather impulsive.

Lily is not a particularly big fan of school. Keeping rules and sitting still are not her thing. But because of her many freedoms she knows a lot and sometimes she picks up things that children her age should not know.



Leo is an exceptionally intelligent and smart boy. He too is brave, but not quite as wild as Lily and generally much more thoughtful and sensible, sometimes even a bit devious or calculating. But all in all he is, just like Lily, good through and through and carries his heart in the right place.

Leo comes from a rather conservative, slightly snobby family and basically has a little more respect for adults than his best friend Lily has. In contrast to her, he has to be home on time and also has to do some nasty duties, like taking out the garbage. Leo is also the one who gets into trouble when he comes home with torn clothes. But in return he knows better how to deal with adults in order to get his way and/or avoid trouble.

Because of Leo’s hobby, sailing, he can also make extremely practical sailing knots. These have already proved to be extremely useful to the two friends on their adventures.



Dimitrij “Pepo” Pepovic is an old Russian who has been living in Lily and Leo’s neighborhood for a long time. Because old Pepo always keeps to himself and is somehow a little different, the neighborhood kids are all a little afraid of him.

Over time, he becomes a kind of mentor to Lily and Leo. Pepovic joyfully fuels the children’s wild imaginations, spurs them on in their adventurous spirit, and supports them in their adventures.

He has a good-natured character with a wild sense of humor that is so not politically correct, and he thinks nothing of dealing with children in a “pedagogically valuable” way. Instead, he treats them like little adults and, above all, like great adventurers whose main task is to discover the world around them, which for him is just as magical, incredible and fantastic.


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